twigling | What are BJD?
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What are BJD?

Ball Jointed Dolls (abbreviated BJD) are articulated sculptures that are meant to be customised, and thus usually sold blank and nude. They are a fusion between fashion dolls and action figures, a crossover between art, toy, collectible and handcraft. The collector enjoys an “IKEA-effect” to feel accomplishment about building something with their own hands, as opposed to the instant gratification of consuming a completely ready-made product. Evocative of the creative energy poured into them, contemporary BJD have the potential to be transformed into an heirloom quality personal statement in the same way that antique dolls have been handed down through generations, or the way boudoir dolls were all the rage in the 1920s.


The dolls are reproduced in polyurethane resin, and consist of upwards of twenty parts that are held together and tensioned with heavy elastic. This makes them highly posable, and able to simulate human movement. An illustration can capture a character in a moment; an articulated sculpture is a 360 degree tactile experience where the addition of articulation adds a sequential potential to give that character the illusion of life, whether in play, through photos or even with stop-motion animation.


Whether you want to enjoy your doll in her purest form as a decorative object, or as a muse for play, illustration, design, photography, or animation, BJD can evoke a sense of wonder and stimulate the imagination.

Coming soon…


  • Faceups & personalisation
  • Seam sanding, how and why
  • Sueding, what is it good for?