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Artifex Kindred

The original Ingenue sculpt was 67cm tall and had only the B style bust, short hip and long legs, and was later expanded to include the C bust and a half-doll bust stand, (whose longer waistline was the basis for the new long hip style for the larger scale dolls).  


Almost all basic (large, ie. 60-65cm) dolls are currently offered with the following modular configurations; except for Eloy, who is sold as a head only and is not proportionally suitable for the Artifex Kindred bodies. In addition, a 44cm Minigenue has been developed, and while she does not currently offer the same range of options as the bigger dolls, she is a much more portable version of the original Ingenue. 

Minigenue is about 75% the size of her original big sister, but when comparing proportions, she has the shorter style of legs. Click the following tabs to see their respective standard measurements.

Height 60 – 67cm

Head circumference (varies, see individual sculpt info)

Eye size (varies, see individual sculpt info)

Neck circumference 10.5cm

Bust circumference A 23cm/ B 26cm / C 26.5cm / D 28cm

Waist circumference 19cm (long style) / 20 cm (short style)

Hip circumference33cm

Thigh girth 18.5cm

Shoulders 13.5cm

Leg length 33cm (short) / 39cm (long)

Arm length 18.5cm

Foot length 7.5cm

Height 44.5cm

Head circumference 14cm

Eye size 10-12mm

Neck circumference 7.8cm

Bust circumference 18.7cm

Waist circumference 14.4cm

Hip circumference 22.5cm

Clavicle to bellybutton 10.5 cm

Nape to Venus dimples 10.5 cm

Thigh girth 13cm

Shoulders 13.5cm

Leg length 22.5cm

Shoulder to wrist 14cm

Foot length 5.5cm

Foot width 2.3cm


In the Basic range, we offer a choice of six skintones to choose from, each of which are fully sandable to allow complete removal of pouring gates and seamlines; a creamy white, a fresh pink, the rich vivid flesh, a pale grey (not depicted here), a caramel tan and a vibrant teal blue. It is important to be aware that colours will tend to vary between batches.


If none of these colours suit your needs, we also aim to be able to offer limited edition colours and even one-off bespoke dolls, permitting an even more personalised experience which includes, among other things,  a larger range of colours. Resin colours are further compared in this blog post.


Each of our standard models; Pietá, Nkiru, Kahlo, Gamine, Oryx and Elbe have their own product page where you can select the variables to customise their attributes. Or if you want more than one head for your doll, you are also able to order them separately.


On occasion, we will also be offering Limited Editions of these and other sculpts in special colours. These Editions may not have all the options available, or they may have options that are not otherwise available, for example alongside the launch of new parts and options.


Four styles of natural-looking busts are available; from the bee-stung, nearly flat A, via the perky B and the full C, right to the generous D.


If you can’t decide which one you want, you can even purchase extras and swap them around.


To offer some modularity beyond just the bustline, we also made a variation on the hip part, giving you the choice between the shorter and slightly fuller version, and the longer and more slender style, which is based on the Body Double bust stand (currently being modified and not available).


Recognising that there is a need for greater diversity, we feel that in the future we would prefer to make more complete bodies with varying measurements, rather than swappable pieces. This will allow a more natural transition and connection between the parts with a minimal amount of compromise to allow for the necessary interchangeability.


For now, we have three styles of hands available; the original, elegant pose, the newer relaxed hands and the latest long nail model. As with the bust and heads, you are able to purchase extras and separates if you need spares or can’t decide.


We hope to add more hand style to our range this year, first in line will be a gripping pose that can hold objects.


In order to be able to vary the height of the dolls, we created a second style of shorter legs, which are closer to reality in terms of proportions to real humans. You are able to create a a Valkyrie of 67cm, or a sturdy Amazon of 60 and the majority of the height difference will be in the legs, though both types have the same range and flexibility.


The knee is the same for both types of legs, and slightly more detailed than the original version.

Examples of Combinations & Poses