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The Shapes of Things To Come

The day before yesterday my little world almost fell apart again. I thought history would be repeating itself and with diminishing returns. I saw the end of making dolls, and having to step into the “real world” and let go of this elaborate fantasy I am maintaining in my head most of the time. I held onto the hope that there was some misunderstanding, that there would be at least some compromise to be reached.

But, today I have been able to clarify what is possible in the near future and what can be planned for the middle-distance. The dis/understanding was probably completely blown out of proportion in my mind, also due to language confusion, since every attempt I made to clarify the situation returned seemingly contradictory and thus confusing responses, but also because the brain has a way of making things seem worse and worse the more you think about it. So the best way I figured to distract myself was to fix the leaking kitchen tap and then pull out the entire sink to replace the caulk (silicone).