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Ordering Process

In our store you can purchase the articulated sculptures created by twigling in a range of prices and different levels of client engagement, from DIY kits, to dolls that are assembled and ready to customise, to ones that are made to order just for you, and we also aim to occasionally offer one-of-a-kind works with full paint, clothing and accessories.


Our dolls are sold primarily on a preorder basis, because we are a tiny studio with a small but dedicated client base, working with artisan studios to produce our products. With a growing range of order options, it is not feasible to keep a representative stock selection available for immediate purchase at all times. Instead we take pride in working closely with you to make your doll to spec and just for you…


Haru Casting is our foundry partner in South Korea, and we work with them to be able to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to quality, production time and price. twigling & Artifex Kindred are based in Madrid, Spain and this is where the original sculptures are created, as well as where the dolls are sent to be assembled and packed before being sent to our clients.


We only sell dolls that are original and guaranteed authorised reproductions of twigling’s works. Each doll is shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Things you should know before placing your order…

Haru Casting has minimum order numbers of 10 to 20 units, with a minimum three units (dolls) per colour. In addition, a set of molds have a limited capacity before the must be replaced to maintain the quality of the reproductions. The handmade and human factors of our reproduction cycle should not be seen as a limitation, but rather an assurance of quality and dedication to each individual client and order.


We can make no promise or comparison with regard to how our resin colours will match with those of other companies. Likewise, our own colours will in most cases vary slightly from one batch to the next.


The time from when you place your order to when your doll is ready to be delivered can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, but generally we must expect to wait  at least 90-120 days from the time the order is placed with the foundry till it is ready to be sent to our studio for inspection, finishing and packing. Customisation requests would further add to the waiting time because the dolls then must be sent to the faceup artist, worked on and returned before being sent to you. Seasonal conditions such as climate and humidity can also add delays to production. Shipping during high seasons such as Christmas, is likely to take longer than normal as well.

All our available products are listed in the shop for reference, but will be marked as Sold Out if there is no preorder currently open and there is no stock available; however unless otherwise noted will come back in stock when orders are open.


Order periods will be announced at least one month ahead of time and will typically remain open for a preset amount of time. If a maximum number of orders for a particular product has been set, for example for a limited edition, the order will close once all the slots are filled. If within a reasonable amount of time all slots have not been filled, or the minimum numbers are not reached, an assessment is made on whether the order can be completed anyway and if so extra dolls may be ordered that will be sold as store stock when ready, or the edition may be smaller than initially stated.


If it is found that the order is not feasible due to lack of participation, the order period may be extended, otherwise any deposits will be returned and the order cancelled or postponed.


While you may make changes, corrections or additions to your order up until the order is sent to factory, (after which no further changes are possible) but to avoid confusing us and getting your order mixed up, it is preferred that you know what you want to order at the time of ordering. Adding or subtracting customisation options to your order may be possible, depending on the stage at which you order is currently at, and will need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

Once a new shipment arrives in our studio, we immediately start working to inspect, assemble, finish and pack orders, and depending on the amount of dolls to be processed, we try to get all orders out to out customers within 2-3 weeks, but any additional services, such as sanding, sueding or customisation adds to this, and generally the dolls that require the least amount of work, will be prepared and shipped first.

Working exclusively with face painting artist Solsikke al Sol, based in Guadalajara (one hour outside Madrid), we can help you bring your doll closer to life, or if you prefer we will happily ship your doll directly to the artist of your choice. Either way please remember that all additional services such as sanding, sueding or faceup, will mean your doll will take longer to reach you, but it will of course be worth the wait, and we will be on hand to answer all your queries and keep you updated throughout the process.  Please visit the Shop Services category to find out more about our artists and the services they offer.


You cannot order a faceup without also ordering a doll to apply it to. We only offer faceups on the sculpts we sell. However you are of course free to contact the artists externally regarding commissions.

We offer layaway, as a payment option to ameliorate the cost and production time of our dolls, for orders over €350. A deposit (min. 30% of the total) is required before production can begin, and all payments must be completed before the doll can be delivered to you. Your layaway plan will be calculated in the shopping cart when you place your order, once you select Lay-buys as your payment method. Note that for items that are in stock, we can not accept layaway.
We ask that you do not place in-stock and preorder items in the same shopping cart unless you want the in-stock item to ship only when the preorder item is also ready to ship. If you order them separately, they will each attract their own shipping fee.


The deposit will be a larger amount than subsequent instalments, reflecting the initial production costs for a foundry order, and the remainder will be payable in up to 6 monthly instalments. We collaborate with Lay-Buys to be able to offer this payment option, which will set up an automated subscription with Paypal. Lay-Buys charges the consumer (you) a 0.9% fee of the order total, at the time of paying your initial deposit, for using their service.  The maximum layaway period possible is 7 months from the date of placing the order and paying the deposit. It is your responsibility to notify us of delays or problems with completing a payment. Note that by cancelling an order or failing to make a scheduled payment without notifying us, you forfeit any rights to claim refund of payments already made.

If you are unhappy with any product or service you have purchased from us, do get in touch and we will work with you to resolve in a manner that is fair for all involved parties; however be aware that:


Under EU regulations we are not obliged to offer any cooling-off period, nor refunds or to accept returns for products that are made to order or personalised, which includes all items offered for sale or preorder, unless otherwise stated. Items that are listed as in stock, are sold as is.


You may cancel your order within 14 (fourteen) days of placing it, if manufacturing has not begun. In this case you will be required to pay a 25% cancellation fee of your order total, which will be subtracted from any payment made thus far. Cancellations and refunds for any order once production has begun will be entirely at the discretion of twigling, and only in the event that twigling deems the order cannot be filled satisfactorily from a manufacturing standpoint. In all other cases, you will forfeit any funds paid towards your order if you choose to cancel.
As all our dolls are made to order, we do not accept returns. In the event of damage or mistake on our part, we will do our utmost to provide replacement parts. In the event of damage or mistake on the customer’s part, we will provide replacements at cost (note the likeliness of colour variations from batch to batch and that replacement parts may not be an exact match to previous purchases). Any faulty product should be returned to us, only after having made contact and arrangements for how to proceed. On some occasions we do buy back dolls, or help find new buyers. We will not cover return shipping fees unless explicitly discussed and agreed upon in each case; do not send anything back without contacting us first.

twigling & Artifex Kindred reserve the right to change the contents of the above information as well as our other policies at any time and without prior notice. At our discretion we may cancel any order for any reason at any time. We reserve the right to refuse any order we feel we cannot reasonably fulfil.