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This was the first "Ingenue" junk-cast to be pulled from my silicone molds to clean and test them back in 2011. It felt right that this girl should stay with me as a symbol of my artistic development. Tobie was named for a character in Margaret...

Thale is an alternative artisan cast head for Tobie, painted by Angel Toast who was given carte blanche to give life to this Ingenue. Her name is taken from the title character of Aleksander L. Nordaas' 2012 film  "Thale"....

A fully customised Ingenue set, originally poured by Dollshe Craft and later sanded and sueded by twigling, then blushed, painted in a sultry pin-up style and photographed by Nanyalin. The set included both the OE and SA heads, as well as a complete body and...