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Eloy is an elf head intended for larger male bodies, such as the Fifth Motif Timeless, however his features are relatively genderfluid. His name means ‘the Chosen One’ and is also a reference to one of the two post-human races from H.G. Wells The Time Machine. He is a gentle-looking elf inspired by gelflings, the na’vi of Avatar, Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton and the art of Susan Seddon-Boulet.



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Eye size  12-16mm (corner-to-corner measurement 12mm)

Wig size 8 1/4 inches or 21cm

Eloy heads are reproduced by Dollshe Craft and are thus available in the resins and colours they offer. Honey skin is a translucent resin, Pure skin is opaque; prices vary based on both resin type and colour.
Please visit Dollshe Craft for pictures and more information.

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Q: Why does Eloy cost more than the other heads?
— Asked by Therese Olsen on May 19, 2017
A: Because Eloy is being manufactured by Dollshe Craft, and they have a different pricing structure than Haru who casts the other dolls for me.
A: Yes I think so, it's a part of the set after all. I will check with Dollshe when I send the order in, that they have saved that piece with the face and headcap.
Q: Will you ship the Eloy-head together with the neck-adapter-part (additional riser)? This part is very useful!
— Asked by Blueflash on June 12, 2017

This question has not been responded to yet.

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