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Minigenue v1.5

from: $ 532,00

By popular demand, the Ingenue returns in this delightfully portable

miniature version just shy of 45cm.


Scaled down with the help of 3D scanning and printing, she has also

received some proportional and engineering tweaks both over her

original larger sister and in this version, after her initial release in 2016. 


Both the open eyes (OE) and half-closed eyes (SA)faceplates are included with the doll.

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What is included:

  • Basic doll without makeup
  • OE and SA faceplates
  • Fittings for assembly (doll is delivered assembled)
  • Shipping box & adequate packing materials
  • Certificate of Authenticity


You can choose:

  • resin colour (cream [O], pink [O], brown grey[O], vivid/nanni cream [O]), moist teal[T] or moist brown/caramel [T].[O]=opaque resin, [T]=translucent resin
  • add seam-sanding and/or pliver sueding, optionally.

  • See here for colour samples and comparisons.


  If none of these colours appeal to you, we recommend you check out the Minigenue4U option.

Actual doll and colours may vary slightly from the photos, depending on for example lighting and monitor settings. The sculpt has been slightly corrected to improve stability from the first version, the hip measurement will be slightly smaller and the knee should be less kicky. The length of the chin from the neck opening has also been subtly shortened. More information and photos can be found in this blog entry.

Makeup, eyes and wig are not included.

Makeup can be ordered separately, either default or custom from one of our exclusive artists.

This is a preorder, doll is not in stock. Processing time will be 60-90 days from order close, not including studio finishing, customisation, customs retention and shipping time. Once payment is received, order cannot be cancelled. Processing time starts when order is closed and all deposits have been received.

Parting lines have not been removed by default, but it is completely possible to sand them off, also on dark resin dolls.

Little spots, swirls or pinhole bubbles are not considered faults, neither are the parting lines that appear on all the components of the doll as a part of the molding and casting process.

Dolls exposed to direct light or heat over time can discolour, be mindful of where you store them. Even without direct exposure, all resin will mellow in colour over time. We do not offer refunds or replacements for these issues, which are considered normal.



Height 44.5cm

Head circumference 14cm

Eye size 10-12mm

Neck circumference 7.8cm

Bust circumference 18.7cm

Waist circumference 14.4cm

Hip 22.5cm

Clavicle to bellybutton 10.5 cm
Nape to Venus dimples 10.5 cm

Thigh girth 13cm

Shoulders 13.5cm

Leg length 22.5cm

Shoulder to wrist 14cm

Foot length 5.5cm

Foot width 2.3cm

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Ask A Question
Q: Hello, I really love your work and I would like to order a Minigenue but I can't decide myself about the color, so I was wondering if you had a color sample to help me decide :) Is "pink" a kind of normal skin or a really pink one ? Thank you !
— Asked by Elea on June 9, 2017
A: Hi Elea, "Pink" is Haru's 'pink normal', a bit more pink than 'peach normal' but still with a touch of yellow in the mix, so not purely pink like for example 'pink-white'. I will try to find more pictures of their colours to post, but I don't have physical samples of all the colours yet.
Q: I love Minigenue. What size wig does she wear? Are any of the wigs shown on your models available for sale? What size shoe does she wear? Can she borrow clothes from 15-16" fashion dolls? If I want both face plates painted would I pay for 2 face-ups? Thank you so much!
— Asked by Lee on June 14, 2017
A: Hi Lee, Minigenue wears a size 5-6" wig. Shoes are a bit complicated, she is too small to wear mini bjd size, but I have had success with shoes intended for Unoa, for Dollmore Judith and for Dollzone, but not ALL their models, Mini size bjd, even the "slim/mature/fashion" types cannot generally speaking wear fashion doll clothes, but you may get lucky with some brands and models, I cannot speak for any specifics as I have not tried. I suggest comparing Minigenue measurements with that of other small BJD or fashion dolls to get a sense of scale and proportion and an idea of what might fit. It's one fee per faceup, so yes, to get both plates painted, please add two faceups to your cart.

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