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Preparing to multitask

Moving swiftly forward with websitey things but will probably hit the wall of “other priorities” again tomorrow because…

* The (hopefully final) tan sample will arrive and can (if we are lucky) be sueded and shipped off to her home, soon to be followed by the trickle production and shipping of more tan orders (all just wishful thinking at this stage, or perhaps more correctly hopeful)
* The new thigh prints for Minigenue have arrived today and need their manual tweakings (the hip also needs some), and then many if not all parts need a coating or ten of primer, fortunately it is probable that the rain has stopped, which makes it easier to paint.

These are only two things buuuuut they are not going to be finished as quickly as I would like, however there should be gaps where I can continue to chip away at the web things.

I have now set up a plugin that exports these facebook posts to the twigling dot com/blog, I have capped it at about 100 older posts for now which goes back a bit more than one year, I might drop in a few more over time but the idea is really to move forward 😉 of course until I switch off the maintenance mode, you still won’t see anything, but I am preparing to come online in a half-finished skeleton state, where there will not be any items available to order, and you will still see changes happen as I fiddle with the layout and contents, but you will at least be able to see some things, and make suggestions about what could be different or better.


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