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The Shapes of Things To Come

The Shapes of Things To Come

The day before yesterday my little world almost fell apart again. I thought history would be repeating itself and with diminishing returns. I saw the end of making dolls, and having to step into the “real world” and let go of this elaborate fantasy I am maintaining in my head most of the time. I held onto the hope that there was some misunderstanding, that there would be at least some compromise to be reached.

But, today I have been able to clarify what is possible in the near future and what can be planned for the middle-distance. The dis/understanding was probably completely blown out of proportion in my mind, also due to language confusion, since every attempt I made to clarify the situation returned seemingly contradictory and thus confusing responses, but also because the brain has a way of making things seem worse and worse the more you think about it. So the best way I figured to distract myself was to fix the leaking kitchen tap and then pull out the entire sink to replace the caulk (silicone).

Haru is working to finish those seemingly cursed tan dolls that two previous manufacturers were not able to complete satisfactorily, and pushing to finish them all by the end of this month, quite probably causing some delays with the projects of other clients (I’m so sorry, lovely people!!). And they are having problems, with the weather, with the big size of the dolls, with the resin. But they are determined to finish and deliver, which I have faith in and am very grateful to know.

But. When those dolls are done and out the door, they have asked that I wait two months before sending more orders, and that no more of those orders be of moist/transparent resin, as they will need to experiment with other materials due to the problems they are having.

Everyone who has ordered moist/translucent dolls thus far, will get their doll in the resin they were sold, and there seems to be no problems with opaque resin, so I have *for now* switched off the options to order any more parts or dolls in teal, caramel tan, raw umber and Argyria. When a resin of satisfactory quality has been found, I will switch them back on.

Another related issue that want to share, is that I have decided to pull Minigenue back from Haru and try out another casting studio. While I realise that the low number of new orders is most likely due to a slight saturation of the current market, but moreso to do with not having done any promotion over the summer since the website opened, I figured I would try to use it as an opportunity. Those clients who had ordered one, have been given the option to wait or to get refunded.

But Minigenue *is* going to be made again, and not only that, I am finally going to start preparing to get Pietá (blending v1 & v2) ready as well. The new studio is small and relatively local to me (not the same one as before), so I will be able to keep a close eye and good communication with the whole process. But it will take a little bit of time to prepare and test everything so that we can start taking orders (and ideally deliver quickly and without any minimum orders or anything like that) only when we have beautiful and finished resin samples to show you. Therefor I can’t give any accurate estimates for timing and prices or resin colours yet but I can promise to keep you updated along the way, also to get the word out to the people ahead of time about the fact that there will be a Minigenue/Minipietá preorder sometime in 2018. You will be able to follow the process on everything I am fiddling with on my Instagram. I have no intention of replicating everything I have made for the large dolls into the smaller version; though there will be some overlap, eventually I see the two sizes diverging in terms of style and range, allowing me to experiment in different ways with either. How remains to be seen, because not even I have that very clear ahead of me yet.

Further, those who are already following me on Instagram, will be aware that I have started experimenting with Meshmixer again, and am playing around with Ingenue specifically. The plan is to re-envision her without losing the essence that many of us hold dear. I have kind of figured out what is “wrong” with her face and in which direction to take it (literally!) however the digital fumblings I have posted don’t quite express what I intend to do, it’s the kind of edits I would need to make by hand, to have more control, and restraint. So that will mean a preliminary 3D printout and more putty, sanding etc. The body will also get a working over, trying to improve range of motion as well as sculpt, proportion and details. Basically attempting to fix her so that she is more how I intended in the first place but didn’t have the tools, time or skills or clarity of vision to do back in the day, when I was probably trying to put too many different ideas into the same figure. It’s hard to explain, and you might won’t believe me before you see it with your own eyes, so just stick with me for now, please…?

Last night I have packed up another box of dolls and custom carvings to be painted by the Esteemed Mystery Artist, (which will be revealed just as soon as someone recognises their work, or else once we feel ready to reveal), and then I have another two or three to finish sanding, that are going to another artist. Actually there are another 4-5 custom project bodies to sand and/or suede too, come to think of it :/ That should give me plenty of material for documenting the sanding, sueding and assembly process for new tutorials, either photos or videos or both.

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