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Assembly Workflow

With Instructions for the Very Brave

What you are about to see might scare the living daylights out of you, if you are not used to taking apart your dolls and putting them back together. On the occasions that we ship dolls out in their un-assembled state, they are usually prepared up to step 28, so all you would need to do is string the elastic, and all the fiddly work is already done for you. But for the sake of showing the whole process, and maybe just in case, here it is…..




  • 1 x S-hook
  • 1 x large shouldered cup hook
  • 4 x custom wrist-hook
  • 2 x 18mm (total length) shouldered cup hook
  • 2 x 14mm long metal bars, 2.5 mm diameter
  • 2 x 12mm eye screw
  • 1 opposing pair of ring magnets
  • 2 x countersunk screws to sit flush with magnets
  • 2 x custom stainless steel extension springs


Elastic for dolls consists of multiple rubber strands inside a braided polyethylene casing. We use 3-4mm diameter elastic for the Big Sisters, and prefer elastic with a high strand count (at least 30) for strength and resistance.

Using a total of 2.5 meters, cut into 3 lengths, one of 1 meter and the rest into two 0.75m pieces. The longest is for the legs and the other two for the torso and arms respectively.




  • Small drill or rotary tool + drillbits for each screw size.
  • (we also use a manual hobby drill for delicate tasks)
  • Small philips (star) screwdriver to suit the magnet screws.
  • Ribbon, or shoelace
  • Pliers, large and small/needlenose
  • Artery clamps
  • Stringing tool, or a 60cm piece of steel wire, bent in half

Doll Parts


  • Face + headcap
  • Hands (left + right, this one has two pairs)
  • Chest/upper torso
  • Abdomen/lower torso
  • Shoulders, left & right (older style shown)
  • Elbows, left & right (engraved with a small L/R)
  • Upper arms (left + right)
  • Lower arms (left + right)
  • Thighs (left + right)
  • Lower legs/calves (left + right)
  • Knees (left + right)
  • Feet (left + right)
  • Toes (left + right)

Assembly process

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