twigling | Changes for the v1.5 Minigenue
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Changes for the v1.5 Minigenue

Changes for the v1.5 Minigenue

I’ve been sitting on these images since February, I’m not sure why I didn’t think to post them before. They were taken quickly before I packed Minigenue back up to go to Haru. The main changes that I made was to make the distance from the chin to the neck marginally shorter, and the hip balls a few millimetres smaller, which meant reworking the gluteus quite extensively. This to make the thighs sit a little further into their sockets, which means the line from the torso to the thigh flows a little more naturally. The master is a bit shiny, but Haru will be putting a light spritz of primer over the top before molding.

Oh, and I also think I have done what I could to fix the kicky knees? I’m looking forward to get my hands on one of these, so that I can test-string! The next preorder for Minigenue should open after the weekend, if all goes well. If the insurance plugin persists to give me trouble, I have a temporary solution in store, but a single Minigenue will also happily ship (uninsured) as a Small Package aka. CUI — Correos Urgente Internacional; and as long as there is only one in your cart at checkout, Lay-Buys will be available as a payment method (that’s another glitch that we are working to resolve, as obviously the bigger orders are more likely to need payment instalments, not less.).


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