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Escape from (too-early) Summer

Escape from (too-early) Summer

Temperatures in Madrid usually rise into the 40s (Celsius) in August here in Madrid, and people vacate the city, as it takes on nearly a post-apocalyptic feeling. But this year, the heatwave started in June, and in my case it is part impossible to do any computer work because it gets too hot, even with the new cooling pad underneath; and closing all the blinds and sitting in the dark on a beautiful albeit hot day has to be one of the most depressing things I can think of, even if it is 40 degrees in the shade, and the tarmac is sizzling. So the best thing to do is just run away, for example to the mountains.

So we packed the car full of work stuff, cats, dogs, books and comfort foods, and raced off to spend a couple of weeks in peace. I also planned to tinker with my projects and go for long hikes in the countryside.

Day 1, I fell out of the hammock and twisted my ankle so that I could hardly walk. By the second week, it was a lot better but it makes a funny anecdote in hindsight…

The second week, I started sanding a project and then went for a walk, when I returned I somehow had a splinter in one finger, which got infected, swollen and hurt so badly it was hard to light the camping stove or hold a pen. I spent the week reading and even finished a book I had picked up as summer lecture the year before. Basically, no work really got done, but loads of relaxing yes. Disconnected relaxing with no phone coverage, fresh breeze, and more cows than people.

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Now, I’ve been back in the city for a week and thankfully the temperatures are not too bad, I can be indoors and get work done without closing the blinds, I can enjoy the patio and I can even go out in the streets, terrazas and parks to enjoy the weather in the company of friends. This past week, I was working towards a deadline, more on that if it pans out, and this week I am going to (with glee and great excitement) for the first time since I moved in almost three years ago, reorganise and tidy and declutter my apartment and studio. Not sure if I can achieve minimalism but I will certainly try at least to give that appearance.

I have also promised myself to reboot the newsletter this week, and now that my finger is better again I could technically start sculpting and sanding again. Let’s see if I can manage the tidying of the house without injuring myself, first.

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