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Escape Into Nature

Escape Into Nature

Was able to get away from the cityburbs for a few days last week and get some fresh air, clean my mind and so on. That gave the final coats of primer on the (big girls) masters some time to dry before I sent them to Haru at the beginning of this week. When they have arrived and been assessed, I will know the base prices to calculate from.

And in the meantime I am focussed on the website once and for all, mainly getting the shopping cart operational, which I believe as of this afternoon it is, BUT I still need to configure the shipping options and zones and costs, plus correct product prices and information. As you may have noticed, Haru has reorganised their pricing structure, so now they have 5 levels instead of three, and so I need to know what the production cost for any of those will be when it comes to my creations.

As for the shipping configuration, I thought I had it figured out, but when I checked the information I got, it wasn’t accurate so I am waiting for more info and when I get it, I will still take a while to calculate and program your options. But, the sandbox tests I have ran so far are promising, and I hope that it won’t be too long before I can open orders for Minigenue, and also Eloy (waiting for Dollshe to confirm).

The big girls will be molded first, to fulfil the long-standing tan orders, but once I can confirm that we will be able to move forward, I will open a preorder for them too, and when things start to move I can see what I should start next.


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