twigling | FYI: Pietá v1 vs. v2 Comparison
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FYI: Pietá v1 vs. v2 Comparison

FYI: Pietá v1 vs. v2 Comparison

The vivid dolls have just arrived, I need to go through the boxes and check that everything is ok, start preparing dolls and sorting what goes to paint etc etc, by Tuesday next week I should be sending out the first batch, and keep working through the week. I have a new shade sail over my outdoor workspace, so I can keep the drilling dust etc out of the living area!! 😀

Tan sample is on its way, most probably in customs and might be here Monday…

I leave you with some quick snaps comparing v1 & v2 Pietá in vivid, plus first look at Gamine in resin!!

13221526_1177988148902004_7703983764448962237_n 13226965_1177987672235385_5061539545301410905_n



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