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Just because I’m being quiet, doesn’t mean I’m idle

Just because I’m being quiet, doesn’t mean I’m idle

… but I figure I should check in from time to time.

The masters for Minigenue are just arrived with Haru, and they have said they should be able to start making molds at the end of February. The main changes I made was to shorten the length of then chin (distance from chin to neckhole) and reduce the size of the hip ball to make the hips work properly and also have a more streamlined and less jutting appearance. Plus I tweaked the knee so it should not be so kicky as it was before.

In addition, I have overcome the biggest hurdle I was having with the website, resolving the plugin that will calculate and offer (optionally) shipping insurance in the shopping cart. There are still other things that are holding me back from launching, but that was more a mental stalemate than anything, until I decided to take a closer look myself instead of waiting for the developer to get back to me. Turns out there was just a simple mistake in my setup.

While the site is not done, the next task I need to get onto is repairing the masters for the large dolls before they too can be sent to Haru for reproduction.

At the end of last year, I got the rest of the parts from the LLP scanned, and this week I am finally getting a chance to review the files. As I am going to make some revisions to all the leg and knee parts before restarting manufacturing, I thought I would compare the differences between the original long legs, the manually shortened short legs, and the digitally rescaled Minigenue legs. In the attached images, the minigenue legs have been scaled back up to original size (and are the ones in the middle) and please keep in mind that they were further refined by hand after printing!!!

It’s amusing to see that the minigenue legs and the “short” legs are both very similar in size, and in fact when looking at them on a doll, I have been thinking they are still a bit on the long side compared to realistic proportions. Don’t get any ideas though, I am not planning to expand the range of options any further for the moment…. at least not any time soon.

You can also see that the ball part of the middle leg is considerably smaller than the other two, this is the largest correction I did with what will be the v2 of Minigenue (in fact I need to upload some pics of that, too!) and may be representative of the kind of correction I would be doing with the larger versions. I am not trying to make the hip area any smaller, but just that it all fits together better.

Anyway, I will be digitally editing the files for the thighs and knees, printing them and then making some clay corrections by hand and finally primer, and send to moldmaking. Need to do some polishing on the other parts as well, but nothing so drastic, apart from what I will need to do with the hip parts to get the legs to fit and work and look smooth.

And in between I can keep working on the website (I have enlisted some help, but still need to make time to do my part) and dream about starting my next truly sculpting-oriented project; a new doll!!


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