twigling | Monster’s Pit: Inaugural Beerworking & Illustration
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Monster’s Pit: Inaugural Beerworking & Illustration

Monster’s Pit: Inaugural Beerworking & Illustration

Sometimes I try to get out of my comfort zone and this was a great occasion. However I did bring my safety blanket Minigenue who happens to be an excellent conversation starter….


…and a great poser (or is that just posturing?)


Also found that nifty tentacle-thing laying on the table, and couldn’t resist trying it on. It was the multi-talented and awesome Mercedes Rodrigo who invited me to come along and meet people, I do hope she won’t mind if I stick this pic here for all to see:


Beerworking is an initiative of Monster’s Pit and will take place every so often at La Cantina in Matadero, Madrid.

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