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Eloy is an elf head intended for larger male bodies, such as the Fifth Motif Timeless, however his features are relatively genderfluid. His name means ‘the Chosen One’ and is also a reference to one of the two post-human races from H.G. Wells The Time Machine. He is a gentle-looking elf inspired by gelflings, the na’vi of Avatar, Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton and the art of Susan Seddon-Boulet.



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Eye size  12-16mm (corner-to-corner measurement 12mm)


Wig size 8 1/4 inches or 21cm


Neck size 5 1/8 inches or 13cm (circumference)


The head comes with a self-coloured neck-riser to allow the head to sit on a smaller body or a body with a thinner neck.


Some examples of potential bodies for Eloy can be seen in this Flickr album, all credits to Krowbar for taking the pictures. Unfortunately the Fifth Motif Timeless body has been discontinued… 🙁 I believe DollsTown DT18 boy would also be a good alternative.


Eloy heads are reproduced by Dollshe Craft and are thus available in the resins and colours they offer. Honey skin is a translucent resin, Pure skin is opaque; prices vary based on both resin type and colour.
Please visit Dollshe Craft for pictures and more information.

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Ask A Question
Q: Why does Eloy cost more than the other heads?
— Asked by Therese Olsen on May 19, 2017
A: Because Eloy is being manufactured by Dollshe Craft, and they have a different pricing structure than Haru who casts the other dolls for me.
Q: Will you ship the Eloy-head together with the neck-adapter-part (additional riser)? This part is very useful!
— Asked by Blueflash on June 12, 2017
A: Yes I think so, it's a part of the set after all. I will check with Dollshe when I send the order in, that they have saved that piece with the face and headcap.
Q: It says Eloy's head is only 8.25, is this correct? It is a 8/9 wig size? Seems small.
— Asked by Suzie Crawford on July 26, 2017
A: Eloy has essentially the same cranium as Ingenue and Pietá so wears the same as them ie. 8/9 but with an elastic cap. To my eye his head is quite big, but I admit i always prefer to not make the heads as large as on eg. Volks classics, as the wig also makes the head look bigger once it's on.
Q: Hi there! I'm very interested in buying an Eloy head but I'm very new to the BJD hobby & don't know where to go to buy a male body for Eloy. You mention in the Eloy description that a Fifth Motif Timeless body will fit him, but I would also like to know what other body types can I look for that will fit Eloy as well. Could you please email me some links to other BJD websites that stock body's that will fit Eloy ? And can you also please tell me what colour would you suggest that best matches the resins used for Eloy? Thank you very much for your time & I look forward to your response so I can begin the customisation for an Eloy doll of my very own. Kindest regards Dimitri
— Asked by sasquatch68 on September 2, 2017
A: Hi! :) Fifth Motif is cast and sold via the Dollshe Craft website, same as Eloy, which is why I opted to make the head to suit that body (since he does not have his own) and custodians of Eloy would be able to get an excellent colour match by getting both from the same reproduction facility. For other bodies, Krowbar made a test of Eloy on all the bodies he has on hand and put them in <a href="" rel="nofollow">this album on Flickr</a>. For specific colours of other companies I have very little idea, but forums such as <a href="" rel="nofollow">Den of Angels</a> would be a source for asking about colour comparisons. Given that Dollshe has a large range of colours and two types of resin, it shouldn't be impossible to find a relative match to the one you choose, but it does pay off to do some research first to see what others have done for bodies for their Eloys. Sorry I can't be more specific, but hope I have at least sent you on the right path...
A: And I want to add, I believe that Fifth Motif is no longer making dolls (so second hand is only option), which is part of the reason why I am offering Eloy as reproduced by Dollshe just one last time before bringing him back to the studio for revision and decide what to do from there. In the link above that I posted to Krowbar's Flickr the companies he fits on are Iplehouse (IH: EID, HID, SID etc), and some of the big males from Dollshe, plus IOS which is another company, By searching for resin matches and comparisons between Dollshe/Iple or Dollshe/IOS, depending on which colour you want and which bodytype you prefer. Dollstown (DT) is also cast by Dollshe, so the resin match would be good, I don't think Dollstown offers all the colours that Dollshe actually makes, though. Anyway, it's good that you asked because I should have this information more visible in the product listing, especially now that the Fifth Motif body is not sold anymore... :/

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