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Seam-sanding (Big)

$ 177,00


Seam sanding involves using increasingly fine grits of sandpaper to remove parting lines (or seams) from all the pieces of your doll to restore the shape of the sculpture to its most natural form. This is a time-consuming process that requires a steady hand and a keen eye, which may addup to two weeks to the delivery time of your doll. Seam sanding is performed in our studios in Spain by trained team members.


Parting lines occur during the fabrication process, and are formed along the lines where the mold-halves line up; this often causes a slight “step” which can vary in thickness from one pour to the next. All the resins we use are fully sandable and it is therefor possible to polish the surface to remove these lines and restore a smooth surface on the doll without any notable difference in the colour between areas that have and have not been sanded.


Because of the way dolls are now being molded, they have twice as many seams as before, so we are raising the price to take into account the additional work involved.

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