twigling | Productivity vs. priorities
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Productivity vs. priorities

I really kind of thought I was actually being lazy these past months, or procrastinating for not wanting to get involved with the inns and outs of backend wordpress tweaking. But I have had other priorities that I felt were more urgent, such as packing and shipping orders, preparing for certain events and occasional bouts of social life or me-time.

But, since I got most of that stuff out of the way, and actually pushed myself to take the pictures and do the temp-shop listings yesterday, I seem to have turned over a new leaf and dived headfirst into getting the last details of the new website into gears; to the point where I think I might actually be able to launch it before the end of the year!!

So far today I have detailed most of the shipping zones and types (but need to upgrade with some sort of plugin to account for insurance and volumetric shipping), installed and started running a plugin that exports the 17.000+ updates I have made on this page over the years (I might have misinterpreted that number), the only issue is it will only at this point extract *one* post each time I run the app, but maybe that is just as well, as I’m not sure we need all that backlog, besides which I should go back and review each post, put better images (as the FB quality turns out grainy in the blog) and add titles and slugs(short-titles) since they are auto-generated and not very descriptive in most cases.

In short I don’t think I will pull out more than the last dozen or so posts, backwards in time…

Also I have installed a plugin that should allow a kind of automated layaway option, but I need to play around with it before I know if it will do what I want, then test it. It can only do a max. of 6 monthly instalments, so might upgrade to something else in the future, when I have more clarity on the topics of manufacture and waiting times.

I’m obviously kind of hesitant to publicise the new site yet, as it is missing a lot of information and needs tidying of its appearance but I am tentatively getting some help with that next week, and will be sorting out what I still need to create in terms of content and information, so that I can share a draft or beta with you guys so that you can help me see what I am missing.


  • Lisa Corboz
    Posted at 23:13h, 24 November Reply

    I wouldn’t even know where to start with getting a website up and running which deals with orders and money, worldwide shipping etc… This all sounds pretty intense stuff. I cannot wait to see all your hard work!!! Nice one Reese

  • Ravica Crafts
    Posted at 23:14h, 24 November Reply

    do you need some artwork or decorations? If it’s not a huge illustration I might be able to help

  • Lauren King
    Posted at 16:27h, 25 November Reply

    Drop me a line after December 6th RE content? Up until then I’m working frantically on my final project for my grad school class, but I should have December free.

  • Hermine Lanier
    Posted at 20:20h, 25 November Reply

    I volunteer. If you need beta-testers, I can do it.

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