twigling | To rerelease or not to….?
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To rerelease or not to….?

To rerelease or not to….?

I’ll repeat this for all to see, a snippet from a private message conversation this afternoon…

Please understand that I made very public statements before the last preorder that Ingenue was being discontinued, and it would be unprofessional and unethical of me to change my mind now. I do regret it for the customers who have not been able to get her but the main reason I no longer want to sell her is that I’m not happy with the sculpture and don’t feel that she is the style I want to work in going forward.

I know this is an unpopular decision but I really don’t want to be like Dollshe who discontinued and then un-discontinued their original sculptures three or four times.

Of course, I would rather sell her again than let the recasters make profit from my work…. 😰 but I feel like people who bought Ingenue believing she was going to be retired, will feel betrayed if I bring her back.

So what should I do?? Stand firm, or fold… Or can we find some sweet compromise where everyone will be happy?

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