twigling | Spotlight: Male Elbe by Krowbar
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Spotlight: Male Elbe by Krowbar

Spotlight: Male Elbe by Krowbar

It looks like Dr. Krow might be coming for a visit to help out with facepainting and customs next month, so I wanted to share this pic of Elbe as a male, as painted by him (more pics in comments, also check out Krow’s Flickr. First on the menu are some customs (and minigenues for LDoll), but the plan is also to do default and custom faceups for those of you who had slots with Winterdeer and still want a faceup with one of my other artist collaborators.

I am finishing up the batches I have left here and will be packing up the ones that are ready, so they can be shipped on Monday or Tuesday, then we are ready to start on the next shipment as soon as it arrives, which should be a small delivery of tan dolls (production will speed up once temperatures drop).

Explore Dr Krow (╯°□°)╯︵┻━┻’s photos on Flickr.



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