twigling | Thank you for input on the “re-release” debate!!
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Thank you for input on the “re-release” debate!!

Thank you for all your contributions to the discourse on whether or not to re-release Ingenue the other day.
I can conclude that there are ways to manage this without going back on my word…

  • there *will* be a limited release of Argyria (grey-purple)
  • there will be a new Ingenue with elf ears, and sliiiiiiightly modified lips/nose (to give her a bit more relation to the species of Eloy), the eye shape will stay the same.
  • there is potential, but nothing decided, to re-release her on a limited basis but with some significant change, I am playing with some sculptural changes and will report back on that when or if I reach a result I am happy with, and that retains its Ingenuic essence.
  • finally, I could consider her as an “artist-cast” only for the future, in which case I would re-scale the whole head to fit better with the proportion of the bodies, and the other heads.



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