twigling | Retouched digital thighs & knees have gone to print
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Retouched digital thighs & knees have gone to print

… while I wait to get them back (so they can be retrofitted and used to correctly shape the corresponding hip sockets and lower legs), I will need to go over all the other parts and get them ready for moldmaking..

I also have a couple of personal projects underway, an OOaK doll that I will raffle away to benefit an NGO I am involved with, and a custom portrait of a dearly beloved comic character that is celebrating 20 years in 2017, just for fun. Can you guess who?

There are also plans for an LE Fullset in the works, but I will not say more about it until I have finalised some details. The prototype already exists, though….

Clacking away at the website also, but sometimes I need a break from the computer and so I ***may*** have started a new sculpting project, but I am (painfully) trying to refrain from getting into it since I have more urgent priorities to finish first and this was supposed to be a motivation/reward for myself.

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