twigling | Tracking numbers for Minigenue batch #3…
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Tracking numbers for Minigenue batch #3…

Tracking numbers for batch #3 minigenue have been sent out, but I will repeat them here below. I just realised I’ve sent out a second doll to someone who only ordered one, and surprised I haven’t managed to do it before. Very frustrating to say the least…

l. cort LX300516849ES
k. lovell LX300516866ES
c. champenois LX300516910ES
pica, m. LX300516923ES
s. winkler LX300516937ES
c. dupuy LX300516945ES
e. jacobe LX300516968ES
n. weiss LX300516985ES
t. ma LX300516999ES
s. nguyen LX300517019ES
m. ruehing LX300517022ES
l. keil LX300517040ES
c. sorton LX300517053ES
a. lee LX300517036ES
s. husack LX300517075ES


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